PROFECTUS: an EMS provider that helps you achieve success!
PROFECTUS – Development of electronic assemblies and systems – EMS provider – EMS partner - electronics manufacturing

Our mission

As a medium-sized EMS provider, we believe the basis of successful, lasting collaboration is an equal partnership with a consistent customer focus. PROFECTUS tailors all its processes to the environment in which your products will be used. We do more than just solve problems – we prevent them arising in the first place. From the first brainstorming session to briefings, development and prototype construction – we work with you to develop visions into ideas, and ideas into advanced products and solutions that exceed your expectations and bring you success.

A genuine customer focus in electronics manufacturing and electronics development

We operate in the heart of Germany, in the centre of Europe – wherever our customers need us. Thanks to our long-standing supplier relationships and the latest electronics manufacturing technology, we are always ready to help and never too far away. As well as our head office in Suhl, in the heart of Germany, we also have offices in the north and south of the country: in Heidenheim, Osterode and Pforzheim.

Your competitive edge: Cost efficiency through outsourcing

Our service is not cheap, but it offers good value for money. We leave you free to focus all your efforts on your core business. By outsourcing to PROFECTUS as an EMS provider, you can keep your capital costs and overheads low, and even reduce them. To us that means cost efficiency. Your competitive advantage: calculable costs, calculable staffing requirements and less capital tied up.

Synergy effects in electronics development

In our full-service concept, customers, suppliers, machine manufacturers, research institutes and universities form a network that can generate added value. These synergy effects bring together ideas and possible solutions, which we combine with cutting-edge technology in electronics development, maximum capacity for action and fair prices.

Organisational and process optimisation for electronics services

With our constant willingness to learn, our commitment and our proactive approach, we are improving our processes and their interactions all the time. We have declared war on stagnation. Our aim is to produce excellent quality, to ensure maximum delivery precision and to find innovative ways of pushing the boundaries in all areas of our electronics services. As an EMS provider, we are responsible and reliable. We build lasting trust within our organisation and with our customers through honesty and transparency.

Our partners for customised electronics development

We are friendly and respectful in our dealings with our partners and suppliers in the area of customised electronics development. We are constantly striving to enlarge our network of strategic partnerships – to achieve success together, but primarily for the benefit of our customers. We also work closely with universities and relevant research institutes to promote research and to stay abreast of the latest developments.