At PROFECTUS, people are at the heart of what we do.
PROFECTUS – EMS provider – PCB testing – Employee satisfaction, team work

Commitment to our employees is vital because they are our most valuable asset and we are responsible for them. We are dedicated to providing a pleasant working atmosphere that puts the team first instead of the individual. We encourage our employees to think outside the box and produce their own ideas. They are invited to become actively involved because their opinion matters.

Thinking and acting socially

In addition to fair, variable remuneration schemes, profit sharing bonuses and a company pension plan, our social standards are based on flexible working hours and, above all, on individual, personal and professional development programmes as well as language courses. We are a reliable partner not only for our customers and employees but for all people alike. As a company and entrepreneur, our actions are guided by our social responsibility – something we take very seriously. We make a conscious effort to improve social issues in our environment – and also beyond.

Expert groups and politics in the electrical and electronic industry

We participate in expert groups of the ZVEI and FED, thus paving the way for innovations and improving the industry’s economic footprint. As a result of our activities within these associations, we exert influence on politics and thus help improve social and working conditions within the electrical and electronic industry. At local level, we support various facilities for senior citizens and disabled people.

With its background as an EMS provider, PROFECTUS strives to shape the future and inspire other people with its commitment, because only together can we make a difference.

Programmes and initiatives we support